For me, being connected to my body is vital for my happiness. And with out realizing it, I used ballet and other forms of dance as meditation through my childhood. At 17 I became more serious about health and so I trained to teach fitness classes and began working in gyms.

Then in my early twenties I hit a low point and following a chance comment from a friend, I turned to yoga and pilates. I spent a summer in my garden reading and practicing barefoot on the grass, this was the grounding I needed. Within weeks I was glowing, felt confident in my body, full of energy, and happy. Iā€™d found the thing I loved.

I began teaching stretch and relaxation, then Body Balance and Pilates and then covering yoga teachers when they were away. My classes proved so popular I was soon teaching full time.

In 2004 I trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi at The Laughing Lotus in NY. This was a very strong, dynamic practice and my first real taste of spirituality, it was a bit of a shock but it got me hooked.

For the next 8 years I taught on average 20/ 25 classes per week of both Yoga and Pilates in various gyms, health centres, businesses and even a circus school in Bristol. Yoga made me so alive and I loved sharing that excitement with my clients.  

In 2007 I decided to delve deeper into the philosophy so began a 3 year training with Angela Ashwin and The British Wheel of Yoga. This took my practice and my teaching to a much quieter, meditative, gentle place. Angela was an inspiration and the connection to energy she guided me to changed my whole outlook on life and the universe.

In 2012 Chaya Yoga Retreats was born, of which I am a co-founder and head teacher.  I have been fortunate enough to teach on retreats in Ibiza, India, Bali and the UK. It has also allowed me time for self study and travel in India as well as deepening my mediation practice through the Vipassana technique and numerous classes with renowned teachers.

Now settled in London, I have a select group of clients that I work with privately as well as corporate clients and a weekly group class.